Always Stay Curious

Stay Curious

Curious? Curiosity is one of the keys to growth. When traveling I cannot help but want to “look around the corner” discovering what is unseen. As a kid we ask, “Why is the sky blue, can I walk on clouds, and what super powers could we have?” Okay, at least that is what I would ask. But at some point in life someone tells us to stop asking questions, stop bugging me, or don’t you already know that. And curiosity is suffocated. This blog is an invitation to reengage curiosity; to discover more fully who this God is that so deeply loves us; to unpack the many layers of this incredible book called the Bible, that is perennially a best seller and true global phenomenon. It is a place to share, to ask, to discover and to learn together. I have always struggled with either/or thinking. There must be a third path, a third door, a both/and possibility. This has driven me to dig, to ask, to explore. So read, listen, respond and always Stay Curious!

My Story

Hello! My name is Jason and I have been a pastor since 1994 serving churches in WI and IL. I had the privilege of serving in a church in Racine, WI for 7 years, 3 years of church planting in the Chicago area, and now almost 17 years at CrossWay Church, a multi-site church located outside of Milwaukee in Germantown, WI. I also serve as an adjunct professor at Bethel University. My life verse is  Psalm 19:14 May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

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